Add Instagram widget, a simple "how to" for a WordPress website

How to add Instagram widget to website WordPress?

You can add Instagram widget with Enjoy social feed that it is a free WordPress plugin or you can decide to use the premium version that allows you to have more features and flexibility.

Your decision depends on the view that you need on your website and of the customization that you want.

  • Free WordPress Plugin: 2 widgets ready to use, Carousel and Grid ones
  • Premium WordPress Plugin: 4 widgets ready to use, Carousel, Grid, Album and Badge ones and some interesting customizations as width and colour border between images, click on images, Lightbox view, moderation panel

Add Instagram widget for free

Visit the WordPress website: Enjoy social feed

  • Download the ZIP file using the Download button
  • Go to Plugins > Add New in the Dashboard of your site.
  • Click on the Upload Plugin button from the top, select the downloaded ZIP file and Install it.
  • Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress.

Now in the Widgets section two new widgets called EnjoyInstagram Carousel and EnjoyInstagram Grid will be available.

In the free plugin version you can customize: title of widget, number of images displayed at the same time, navigation button, show picture by profile, hashtag.




Add Instagram widget with premium version

Access to more advanced options for a greater range of control can only be unlocked by installing a premium version.

In the premium plugin version you can customize:

Animation for the transition images


Customization of the link destination on click image

  • to decide the behaviour when a user click on the photo: open pictures with a lightbox effect with a caption, open the Instagram pictures directly on the profile, open a web page or no-link;


Frontend behaviour for the Grid and Carousel widget

Autoplay, Lightbox and Autoreload widget settings

  • to customize the animation speed and style
  • to show “likes” or Caption of the picture when the user moves the mouse over it;


More information about widget are available at Appearance Widget screen page where you’ll learn how to configure widgets, add and remove them, and even manage multiple widgets of the same kind.

Video demo “How to add and customize an Instagram widget”


More than 10,000 sites have already chosen to use our Instagram Widget  on their websites… web-agencies, artists, photographers, fashion, travel and food bloggers.

Are you one of them? Write us your story. We’ll present it in some future articles.

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