How to use Instagram feed to make your photography business rock

How to use Instagram feed to make your photography business rock

Are you a photographer looking for some ideas to use successfully your Instagram account? In this article we show you how a well-managed Instagram feed can help you get more followers. You’ll also discover how to embed quickly your Instagram feed on your WordPress website and boost the overall appearance of your portfolio.

Why taking care of your Instagram feed?

Why are you supposed to spend some of your precious time on a social network? Because today Instagram is the most used photo-based app in the world. Millions of people spend their time on it and – if you’re good enough to enchant them with stunning shots – you can find thousands of followers and many opportunities. So let’s start with some basic tips to improve your Instagram feed.

Think carefully about contents you share 

During last months Instagram has become a very crowded place, so Instagram algorithm has turned more selective. Engagement is really important (likes, comments, visualizations, sharing) to get higher on your followers’ Instagram feed, but you must also build a relationship with them (participate!), if you want to get more attention. Another factor that helps you climb the feed is the time your followers spend on each of your Instagram posts. So, what are you supposed to do?

Be selective, but consistent when you build your Instagram grid

Post contents that can be valuable to your followers. Instagram Stories have changed a lot the way we use Instagram, shifting “instant” and “real time” tales to a fading dimension long only 24 hours and making posts a bit less authentic. Is this a bad thing? Not necessarily. Considering that your job is based on creating perfect visual contents, this is an opportunity to pick very carefully your best shootings. If you want to create an appealing Instagram feed, choose pictures that tell your followers what your photography business is about, what is your style, which stories you like to tell.

Here we have two examples to explain what we mean.

Example of Dirk Makker Instagram feed. Try Enjoy Instagram Plugin Premium to embed your Instagram feed on your WordPress website.

Dirk Bakker (@MACENZO on Instagram) has an eye for architectural patterns. He gives you different perspectives of urban landscapes.


Wedding photographer Jose Villa's Instagram Feed. Discover Enjoy Instagram Plugin for WordPress to embed your Instagram Feed on your website and create a stunning portfolio.

Jose Villa (@josevilla on Instagram) is an appreciated wedding photographer. Its Instagram Feed show clearly its style and what he means for “Fine Art Wedding Photography”.


Tell stories (even yours!)

Instagram gives you the opportunity to tell stories: about yourself, the way you work, people you are meeting, places you are discovering. Since it is very important to keep people the most time you can on each of your posts, take care of captions.

You can consider to tell your personal story (daily habits, behind the scene, …) through Instagram stories, that offer you more tool to express your daily routine (video, live video, filters, boomerang, zoom, and so on) and pretend less care of the overall quality of photo/video shooting. Use Instagram Stories even to announce a new post published on your Instagram feed or a new post on your blog. You would tell… but they disappear in 24 hours! No matter. You can save the most relevant putting them in evidence just above your feed.

A perfect example of consistent management of an Instagram profile is given by Matthieu Paley, a photographer often on assignment with National Geographic (@paleyphoto on Instagram). Paley uses its Instagram feed to share pics related to projects he has already completed and Instagram Stories to tell his followers what he is up to (his life with the family, spoilers about where he is working). He is also very good at using Instagram caption to tell stories about people he is meeting.

A post from Matthieu Paley's Instagram Feed. Note how accurate is the description of the subject of the photo in the caption.

A post from Matthieu Paley’s Instagram Feed. Note how accurate is the description of the subject of the photo in the caption. Source: @paleyphoto

Use proper hashtags for your Instagram feed

If you want to be found by new followers, use hashtags on your photos. Do not use too many of them (Instagram algorithm would not appreciate too much), but about ten of them that can be relevant. You can use

  1. hashtags related to the specific photo;
  2. hashtags related to your industry (i.g. #wedding, #weddingphotography) and the machine you are using (i.g. #leicaambassador);
  3. hashtag related to the area where your photo is shot.

Since you are brand for yourself, choose a personal hashtag for your business and use it IN EVERY POST. For instance Callo Albanese, a young Italian motorsport photographer, has created the hashtag #iamcallo.

Motorsport photographer Callo Albanese use the hashtag #iamcallo in every post of his Instagram feed. He also tag influencing account (for instance, @f1)

Motorsport photographer Callo Albanese (@calloalbanese on Instagram) uses the hashtag #iamcallo in every post of his Instagram feed. He also tags influencing account (for instance, @f1)

Relationship on Instagram is really important, so try to use tags on your photos. For instance, if you are posting wedding photos, you can tag the bride and the groom, or other business involved in the wedding. They will get a notification about the post, view it, comment or share it.

Create a stunning portfolio embedding your Instagram feed on a WordPress website

Once you have created such impressive Instagram feed, you definitely need to share it in a place that says more about yourself and your work. If you don’t have a website yet, you should consider creating your very own photography website and WordPress is the suggested platform to do it.

WordPress is a flexible platform, it offers many themes to create a stunning photography website and it guarantees an easy editing and management of your contents (To find out  more: 5 Top Photographer WordPress Themes You Should Know for 2018)

Do you already have a WordPress website? Good! Why don’t you create a first-impression portfolio embedding your best Instagram feed posts on your WordPress website? It’s a good opportunity to:

  1. Give an idea about your work;
  2. Create a connection with your Instagram account (and develop a better relationship with a potential client).

How can you do that? You can create a gallery and upload every single post. Or you can use Enjoy Instagram Plugin Premium to embed easily your Instagram feed (by public profile or by hashtag), creating many different customizable and responsive layouts (Grid View, Carousel View, Polaroid View, Album View, Badge View). No overloading of your website, no coding required, no necessity to update your pictures (thanks to the auto-reload option) and the possibility to reject posts you don’t like thanks to moderation panel.


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