Tools to improve your Instagram strategy, build your audience and interact with them

Tools to improve Instagram strategy, build your audience and interact with them

It’s known that Instagram is not a simple social network but also a valuable social media marketing tool due to the apps visual nature and high user engagement rate. In sectors as Auto, Fashion, Beauty was found that the Instagram usage is next to 100 percent, but also in other sector the usage is high.

So we understand that if we want to imagine an effective digital marketing campaign we need to use Instagram,  above all to intercept the public interested in our products and interact with it to tell our vision and our history in the best way.
How Can we intercept our public? people interested on our products, on our history?

  1. Posting new, interesting and engaging photos
  2. Associating the correct Hashtags to our photos. In this manner it will be easy for people to find our photos that are searching for a particular scope.

but the focus of this post is to find the “correct hashtags” so

Decide which hashtags are better to associate to our photos and to interact with the correct prospect, increase our audience and make SUPER our Instagram strategy.

We need to use the right tags which is different from using hashtags.
To make it, we’ll need to find and use the most relevant hashtags that not only describes our brand, but are also being searched for on Instagram.

To find relevant hashtags, we can use some tools that can help us and our Instagram strategy, build our audience and interact with them.

WEBSTA – helps us to find the best hashtags for our posts and people for our sponsored posts.


  • Analytics: Get insights about our posts, engagement, and relationships while we manage oour account.
  • Explore: Explore hot brands, users, hashtags and influencers on Instagram.
  • Custom feed: Customize our Instagram feed! View Instagram posts and follow posts chronologically.
  • Manage: Interact with our followers and followings, share posts on social media and more!

ICONOSQUARE – helps us to know better our community and

  • measure follower growth,
  • visualize daily gained & lost followers,
  • discover where our followers are located,
  • visualize how our posts are performing in real–time and compare with previous ones,
  • measure likes and comments received,
  • see how the filters and hashtags we use influence engagement.

and if we want something free and basic we can also use the website top-hashtags.com:

  • to find out the best HashTags that suit our brand
  • to generate some great random HashTags to give us the idea to start
  • to convert a group of text to hashtags easily and view the stats of each HashTag.