Discover the new way of quick sharing with Enjoy Instagram

Discover the new way of sharing with Enjoy Instagram
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Would you like a grid like this? Just not #pets!
In human history many changes occurred from the communication point of view.
From Egypt Papyri to the first sms, the occurred eras have shown us how important is to manage and to best use that we call today the “media“. Internet is a virtual world with the capacity to influence the choice of consumers.

There are many examples: from fashion bloggers to the animals lovers, which found in cats the easiest and fastest way to obtain “like and share”. It is important for photographers and professional bloggers to capture and to share the most important moments of their life.

The brands monitor closely the community needs to understand what we like and what not and the picture is the engine of the social sharing.
In the same time, it’s usual that every image is accomplished with one or more  hashtags to explain better emotions correlated.

Instagram is the best and more used social network that give us the opportunity to associate in a simple and quick way images and hashtags. And WordPress is the best and more used content management system to write and to publish articles.
So we think that Instagram more WordPress is awesome to share your photos and to have more visibility. Who you are food bloggers or simply selfie lovers becomes necessary the connection between WordPress and Instagram.
But how can you make it? WordPress is a platform that allows us to install many additional components, called plugin, one of these, it’s Enjoy Instagram that it works as bridge between Instagram and your content on wordpress.

Enjoy Instagram

you won’t lose more precious time to upload pictures on your account Instagram and after on your blog, but with one click you will publish your photo on Instagram and you could also display on your website in the same time.
Further, Enjoy Instagram gives you instagram_moderation_feature_enjoya fast system of moderation from “back-office” of wordpress and you can decide if  you have to display, on the website, all the pictures that you have on Instagram profile or some of them.

Do you prefer follow a hashtag? It is easier with Enjoy Instagram! Choose your favorite hashtag and you will animate your carousel with the latest pictures posted under #hashtag chosen by you. Your blog will be always full of new images without wasting time to upload and download from your pc.

Carousel and not only! You can create a custom grid adapting perfectly to the theme of your wordpress blog. Test and see for yourself from your cell phone! Enjoy Instagram is also responsive.

Discover how to embed Instagram Feed  with Enjoy Instagram.