Photos clickable on carousel mode

How to have photos clickable on carousel mode?

Enjoy Instagram plugin has been created to display Instagram pictures on wordpress website in different mode: Carousel, Grid, Polaroid, Album and Badge.

For every mode is possible to customize the user’s interaction and when the user with the mouse goes on some pictures and click on one of them, Β he can in particular

  • see a lightbox with the picture requested (1)
  • open the Instagram account that it’s linked (2)
  • open a website that you want that it’s linked (3)
  • link nothing (4)

To be in the first case you can select the first option in the short-code configuration panel
lightbox setting for Enjoy Instagram plugin
and in fronted the result is a lightbox where:

  • in the top there is the caption published together to instagram picture,
  • in the bottom left the number of likes and a link to Instagram profile,
  • in the right one the arrows to navigate forward and rewind,
  • in the center the picture requested.

If you want to link the photo directly to your Instagram profile you have to choose the second option of the short-code configuration panel.

Instead if you want to link the photo to a landing page, you have to choose the last option “ALTRO” and insert an url page on the field below so when the user clicks on one photo of the instagram feed embedded on your website will be redirect to the landing page or website configured.
option to click image on Enjoy Instagram plugin