Instagram live feed – Moderation Panel

Instagram live feed, How to manage it with a Moderation Panel


Instagram live feed is a new way to communicate your products, services and important moments of your life.

Every day and everywhere people organize concerts, festivals, weddings, parties, conferences and events to launch products, services, fundraising campaigns.

During these kind of events it is useful to publish photos on Instagram, one of the biggest social networks around, to benefit from social media exposure.

A beautiful and social idea to improve your brand awareness could be, for instance, to publish your Instagram feed on your website and to display it on screen during an event. It’s an opportunity to interact with your inside and outside audience.

More concretely you can:
1) create a unique Instagram hashtag;
2) promote this hashtag before and during your event;
3) display Instagram feed on your website for outside audience and on screen for inside one;
4) get social media exposure!

…. But what happens if someone publishes an off topic content, e.g. a picture not related to your specific event?

Your problem can be solved with OUR MODERATION PANEL that allows you to decide in REAL TIME which pictures to publish and which ones to reject.

You can do all these things with one simple click!

Instagram live feed moderation panel

Instagram live feed, How Moderation panel works

With Moderation panel, you can decide in real time whether to approve and publish new photos on your Instagram feed or reject them. It’s an excellent and useful feature for your Meetings and Events but also for your official website.

In its general settings, Moderation panel, allows you to decide if you want to moderate an Instagram live feed by profile or by hashtag.

Another outstanding feature for your Events, Parties and Meetings is the AutoRefresh and AutoRefresh Timeout: it allows you to  update the Instagram live feed on your screen without refreshing the page.

Once you decide to display profile or hashtag, you visualize three tabs.

In first tab, you see all the potential Instagram live feed (pictures without moderation). You can decide which image can be approved and published, and which pics must be rejected and denied the publication.

Instagram live feed moderation realtime
In the second tab, you see only Instagram pictures that have been approved: this is also the Instagram live feed published.

instagram live feed - moderation panel approved
In the third tab, you see Instagram pictures that have been rejected.  At any time you can approve a rejected image and reject an approved one, so your Instagram live feed will be always updated in real time.

instagram live feed - moderation panel rejected

Instagram live feed – the last step before publishing

Last step before publishing Instagram live feed on your WordPress website is to create a shortcode to add it to a page or a post, or to use a widget in a sidebar.

The creation and insertion of shortcode is a simple process you get through using the “Enjoy icon” button. You find “Enjoy icon” button in every page or post of your WordPress editor.



After you push the “Enjoy icon” button, you visualize a window with different TABS for each kind of view: Carousel, Grid, Polaroid, Album and Badge.

You have to select “Yes” in Moderate option. After that, you have to decide whether to include your picture by profile or by hashtag and which profile or hashtag.

In last version of Enjoy Instagram is also possible to select a moderation for multi-hashtag.


Last plugin version supports also pictures with a square format and grid view with a border between pictures.

You can create a custom carousel for your blog or website, but also an Instagram Grid, where you can customize your Instagram feed in a modern and contemporary way.

Using Enjoy Plugin for Instagram you no longer need to waste time uploading photos from your Instagram or blog/website and, thanks to our moderation panel in the backend of WordPress, you can decide whether to publish a photo or not.

Your blog will be always updated with new pictures and you won’t  need to upload them!