Moderate an Instagram feed for your Valentines day

Moderate an Instagram feed for your Valentines day

Enjoy Plugin for Instagram Premium is the only one plugin that allows you to choose which photos are to publish and which ones are to rejected.

  • After installing the plugin and logging on to your Instagram account, click “Moderation Panel


  • click on “New hashtag“, add the the hashtag you want to use and then click on “Save Hashtag


  • Now, clicking on “Moderate it”, you can choose which images to display


  • Manage your approved images and choose if reject one of them or if reapprove one of them


  • When you insert a shortcode you can choose to show moderated  images or not, for every view mode


  • In this picture you can see a result for the hashtag #valentineday

The #valentineday Instagram Wall with Enjoy Instagram Premium

There are not media published by you with the hashtag valentineday. Please choose a different hashtag or publish a picture with the hashtag chosen and try again.