Instagram Marketing: 5 success stories

Instagram Marketing: 5 success stories

Instagram and other social networks allow for small and large companies to have direct contact with consumers. They are the protagonists of advertising campaigns through various strategies, for example with the classic “insert the hashtag X to your photos” and take part in contests where the pics more beautiful is rewarded. Let’s go through each one closely innovative campaigns for Nike, Starbucks, Oreo, Ikea and General Eletric.


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The Nike idea of marketing  is one of the most innovative and surprising of the last few years. In 2013  they inaugurated the page “Nike PHOTOID” that allowed the instagrammers to create templates of shoes using  the own photo Instagram. It’s the best campaign, because they doesn’t want to motivate the user to make photographs of their products, but use the photos to create one. A choice unsettling media with obviously huge results. Evocative Photos that arouse emotions of well-being and adrenaline at the same time.


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Oreo counts on sympathy. The irony is certainly the basis of each image created ad hoc where the protagonist is not the users, but the biscuit! Oreo goes to sea, Oreo plays, speaks and runs. Oreo can be used as scenary for our pictures more surreal, used as a piece of furniture.


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The famous line of coffee shop has thought to color its famous white cup. Called on his followers to draw and color the cup and upload the photo to Instagram. The best has been made. It is awarded  winning creativity of his faithful followers! The great Instagram Marketing!


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Despite the unappetizing aspect of the General Electric products, the choice of the company  focused on storytelling and to tell how you live and is photographed on production process toward the final product. They  hired a photographer for this daunting task.  As? Through a contest where the candidates Instagrapher compete for best picture, and evocative is representative. The champions of Instagram Marketing!


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Ikea has a clear idea in the head: play the handwheel on instagram. Each pic is composed of a few accessory, mobile, etc. Each of these is tagged and the user can see the name of the object and interact with the link. This is the real instagram marketing !

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