Photo Grid Instagram Wall 4X2 for hashtag #revolutionradiotour

#revolutionradiotour | GRID 4 X 2


In the “wall” above we have used 4 columns and two rows to visualize an Instagram photo grid for the GreenDay Tour. 

In this way we are experiencing all the instants of this extraordinary concert, thanks to the contribution of many users publishing related photos and videos on their Instagram account, with the hashtag #revolutionradiotour

How to build your wall of pictures on your website thanks to Instagram Photo Grid.

In backend you choose:

  • how to customize your feed: profile or hashtag
  • the number of images displayed at a time
  • how many rows and columns to display
  • how to insert grid: shortcode or widget grid

 With INSTAGRAM PHOTO GRID you can use also:

  • Instagram Polaroid View to overlay images as polaroid pictures;
  • Instagram Album View to show your pictures organized for Instagram username and or Instagram hashtags;
  • Instagram Badge View that will help you link to and promote your Instagram web profile;
  • Autoreload Stream of Instagram Photos;
  • Moderation Panel: In real time you can moderate new Instagram photos and decide to approve and to publish or to rejected.


You can use the same customization for other views. Below we show you an example for Carousel view.

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