Instagram Grid: a beginner’s Guide

Instagram Grid: a beginner’s Guide

“Content is king”. Bill Gates mantra is hunting us since we made our appearance on the “www” world. But is it really enough, today? Wondering around the glamorous and colored “-gram” universe, we realize that probably we must do another step further.

Instagram today is a very crowded place, where millions of people share their contents (and where you can find a lot of opportunities for your business!) It’s not enough anymore to share a nice shot with the perfect hashtag. So how to get more followers – and more clients?

The first appearance is what counts more on Instagram and if someone has the chance to arrive at your profile, you must be sure that he stays there. And scroll down your feed. And push the button “follow”.

As a consequence, the entirety of your gallery begins to be more important than your individual posts. Moreover, the composition of those nine pics that are on the top of your Instagram feed can be the reason to follow you or find someone more entertaining.

That’s why brands, bloggers and influencers are working a lot on the building of a stunning Instagram grid. And you should think about it, too.

How to build a cool Instagram photo grid? First suggestion: leave live-photos and live-videos to Instagram Stories (you can share you besties putting them in evidence) and start programming your posts with the clear intention of creating a wonderful Instagram Grid

1. Plan contents for your Instagram Feed

Content is still the king. Whether you’re a brand, a small business, a consulter, a blogger, you need to program a theme or some themes for your Instagram photo grid. Are you an organic shop? You can post food, quotes, recipes. But you need to plan your posts. Don’t share the same content every day. Your followers would get bored. Choose a few themes, so that your followers can recognize “who you are” and know what to expect from you. Create a hashtag only relating to you (it will be very useful later when you are organizing a contest or a giveaway) and then use always the same common hashtags (i.g. #organicfood; #naturalfood; #livingfood; #superfood).

An infographic explaining how to plan topics to create a cohesive and interesting Instagram feed

Topic-planning for a cohesive and interesting Instagram feed. Source: https://it.pinterest.com/pin/72972456443404890/ .

2. Choose a recognizable style for your photo grid on Instagram

First of all, think about what you already have. Which are the colors of your logo? Which kind of color palette have you used on your website? Can you use them in the pictures of your Instagram photo grid? How can you use them in the various elements of your photos (background, quotes, main subject)? Moreover, what kind of colors would attract your clients/followers?

After you have thought about the overall picture of your communication, you can choose your style and a palette of colors/filters that respect it. For instance, if you want to get a bright-vintage style, with a touch of shabby, you would choose pictures that exalt some specific colors: white; peach; golden-rose; warm brown; a bit of green; or you would use some specific filters, like Gingham or Sierra, or some post-production effects (i.g.: increase the exposure).

Screenshot by Instagram @laurenconrad profile - Example of bright-vintage style for an Instagram grid

Bright-vintage style for an Instagram grid. Profile @laurenconrad

There is only one rule: try to be coherent. If you have chosen a dark style, it’s better not publish a bowl plenty of pop pink candies. Always use the same filters or the same post-production effects. Does it mean to sacrifice a post? Yes. Think about it when you are shooting.

3. Choose a proper layout for your Instagram grid view

You could skip tip number 3 and probably have already built a consistent Instagram grid using the traditional square layout. But if you want to be sure to break it, another step further is to choose a particular layout for your Instagram feed. We have already talked about the opportunity to develop an Instagram grid based on checkerboard, horizontal lines or vertical lines.

Example of horizontal line or row by row Instagram Grid layout

Horizontal line or row by row Instagram Grid layout. IG Profile: @personaljournalapp

A very appealing layout is also the Rainbow Instagram Grid. You create a rainbow feed when the color of your feed changes when you scroll down. Each row has a cohesive shade of colors. Color change after 3, 6 or 9 photos. It requires more planning for contents and a little more work, but the result is outstanding.

Example of Rainbow Instagram Grid Layout - Instagram profile: @sara_peretz

Rainbow Instagram Grid Layout – Instagram profile: @sarah_peretz

4. Schedule and update your Instagram Grid

Have you planned contents, style and your Instagram grid layout? It’s now time to schedule your posts. It could be a good idea to publish on daily basis. But, if you have chosen a horizontal layout or a vertical lines layout, you should consider publishing three posts in a row. Otherwise, your layout is going to lose its cohesion. Remember: your followers are judging you and your Instagram feed by the group of your last 9 nine posts.

5. Final step: connect your Instagram grid with all the rest

Is your Instagram grid so stunning that you want to show it even on your website to catch more followers and let your readers updated? How can you share it?

Enjoy Instagram Plugin offers many options for the visualization of your Instagram feed. Each “view” has several features. Instagram grid view, for instance, let you decide how many columns and rows display of an Instagram feed chosen by a public profile or by hashtag. If you want to show more pictures in a little grid, you can also add transition effects to change images; you have lightbox options.

How to update your Instagram grid on your WordPress website? You simply use auto-reload option (you don’t need to upload any photo on WordPress, yay!). You even have responsive displaying options: you can choose to visualize a different number of pics for different screen resolutions. What if you want to hide some old Instagram posts? You can use Enjoy Instagram Plugin’s Moderation panel to decide which Instagram pic to share on your website and which one to reject.

backend moderation panel to embed instagram feed


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