Instagram feeds on website, some examples

Instagram feeds on website, some examples

In this post, we are happy to give visibility to some websites that they are using the plugin Enjoy Instagram feed to display the Instagram feeds on their websites.

Some customers that use Grid Instagram feed

1) Instax “Instant Photography”,  a brand of instant still cameras and instant films marketed by Fujifilm, choose the plugin Enjoy Instagram feed to display its Instagram contents.

The homepage (http://www.instax.co.uk/),  is used to display Social contents from the Instagram feed set to user @INSTAXHQ.

Enjoy Instagram for Instagram profile INSTAXHQ

In products pages, especially relevant is how they use Enjoy Instagram feed to add Social contents and improve social engagement. In particular, they are associating a different #hashtag to each different product.

For example the hashtag #MINI9 to the product page http://www.instax.co.uk/instax-products/mini-9/

enjoy instagram feed for instax mini 9

Enjoy instagram feed for hashtag instax mini9

It’s possible to see this choice on all the products pages. For example here http://www.instax.co.uk/instax-products/mini-90/ for the product Mini 90 to which is associated the hashtag #mini90.

2) Another Global brand that chose the plugin Enjoy Instagram feed is Saucony for the project “Run your World”. You can see here the results: http://saucony.ie/run-your-world/

Enjoy Instagram feed for Saucony in Run Your World

In this Instagram Feed Grid, you can see some moderated Instagram images for the hashtag #RUNYOURWORLD. You see them in Lightbox mode when you click on one of these images.

It is possible to know the Instagram profile that posts the pictures, to read the caption but also to know how many “like” it received.

3) Popsigns make fun signs, handheld welcome signs to “make people smile and turn a bland atmosphere into a vibrant celebration”. It displays on  the homepage some pictures with the grid view and border between pictures

Our Customers: posigns instagram grid view


4) The Frux website uses Instagram Grid widget in the right sidebar. An Instagram grid with 2 columns and 3 rows.

Some customers that use Carousel Instagram feed

5) IntertWinedEvents (Weddings and special events) uses Enjoy Instagram for a customized carousel view with autoplay and without buttons for the navigations.

Below it’s possible to see the carousel and the homepage

carousel instagram


6) Alorica (www.alorica.com) is a global company in the field of customer management solutions. On their website they are displaying an Instagram feed with Enjoy Instagram carousel view. Alorica instagram feed with carousel view

In homepage, it is working a Instagram Carousel feed with autoplay, margin between pictures, no dots for the navigations and linked to Instagram account.  Below it’s possible to see the carousel


7) In conclusion we exhibit to you Vantage Design Studio, a full service design firm that focuses on residential remodels / new construction, and boutique style commercial spaces, use a carousel view to display the Instagram feed.

The Instagram feed carousel, added in the homepgae footer, is with autoplay, without dots and navigations buttons, without margin between pictures and these last are linked to the Instagram account (https://vantagedesignstudio.com/)