Instagram Carousel view for wordpress website with 5 images and INSTAGRAM on click

Customize your Instagram Carousel view for wordpress website.

In this setting page we have choosen for example:

  • the hashtag #lavandas to display pictures.
  • the number of images displayed at a time to 5 images.
  • the kind of animation to  “BounceIn” / “BounceOut”.

but also we have customized the:

  • carousel behaviour when the user clicks on the image to visualize it on the Instagram account.
  • presence of the navigations with button  so the user can use “previous” / “next” to scroll image one at a time.
  • presence of the navigation with dots to “YES” so the user can scroll quicker between the carousel pictures.
  • slide speed to 2000 msec. 
  • auto play to “NO” option
  • margin between each image to 5 px.


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