Instagram Carousel feed for 5 images at a time

#tastingtable | CAROUSEL 5 images at a time

Demo for an Instagram carousel feed


Enjoy Instagram free allows you to link your Instagram profile and visualize instagram feed with Carousel or Grid view.


Inside your webpage or post, it’s possible to add a simple shortcode for Carousel Instagram feed like this:

carousel shortocode for Enjoy instagram plugin

or for Grid Instagram feed:

grid shortcode for Enjoy instagram plugin

but it’s also possible to use the icon button in the editor panel


The Carousel Instagram feed published on the top of the page displays 5 pictures at time with the navigation buttons that allow to go forward and back one or five pictures at the time.

Each picture is clickable and after you click on it, you display the picture chosen in lightbox mode and the original caption published on Instagram together to the image .

If you want more customizations for an Instagram Carousel feed, you need to view Enjoy Instagram Premium.

It will be possible:

  • to link more than one Instagram profile
  • to use more shortocode in the same page and each of this shortcode with a different hashtag or Instagram profile
  • to customize the number of pictures display at time for each Instagram feed
  • to customize the “clickable” link of each picture
  • to customize the text of the navigation button
  • to add a margin between the pictures

Below you can see an Instagram feed similar to that on the top of the page.

In this last case we have chosen to display 5 images at time, to insert a margin between pictures, to set the “Clickable” link to Instagram, to change the text of the navigation buttons and to insert an autoplay to the instagram carousel feed.

Since Today it will be very simple to display your Instagram Carousel feed!

In the setting page you can choose:

  • how to customize your feed: profile or hashtag
  • carousel settings: number of images displayed at a time
  • the presence or not of navigation buttons
  • how to insert carousel shortcode [ enjoyinstagram_mb ]

but remember that if you take the INSTAGRAM PREMIUM PLUGIN you can choose also:

  • a lot of animations in / out
  • the destination when you click on an image (lightbox effect, Instagram profile, no link, other…)
  • the configuration of slide speed
  • the auto play, stop / timeout / speed auto play
  • the lightbox options (show likes count, show author)
  • the auto reload , time to auto reload
  • the margin between each image

Show your photos in a nice sliding manner. Slider can be customized in many ways.


Do you want more power and more customizations? Use Enjoy Instagram Premium

Do you want more power? More effects, more customization and moderation panel? Try Enjoy Instagram Premium!

Take inspiration from our customers!

Brad Leue photography, a collection of wildlife and nature images from country Australia.

They are showing a carousel view by Instagram profile @bradleuephotography.


The Carousel settings are:

  • Images displayed for time: 4
  • Link image to Instagram account @bradleuephotography
  • Carousel Navigation button: ON
  • Carousel DOTS: ON
  • Loop: ON
  • Autoplay: NO
  • Margin between images: 0 px


On their homepage you can see live the result: http://bradleuephotography.com.au/


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