Embed Instagram Grid to show Photos on WordPress website

Instagram Grid allows you to showcase your photos in a grid form. You decide:

  • Number of Columns and Rows to display
  • Images Alternance
  • Number of images replaced at the same time
  • Animation Speed
  • Responsive Settings

In this presentation you can see Instagram Grid and which is the different kind of configuration.

To Set General Appearance:

– Go into plugin Settings‐>Enjoy Plugn for Instagram page on your WordPress Admin panel and after choice “Appearance Settings” TAB.

Now, you have to select the TAB “Appearance settings” and scroll to the Grid Setting. You can (slide 3):

  • [1]Set how many photos to display(columns X rows)
  • [2] Set what happens when you click on the photos
  • [3] Customize Images Alternance
  • [4] Costumize Animation
  • [5] [6] Show different Number of images for different resolution (columns X rows)

Particular Setting are good to customize grid view in your posts or/and Pages

– One time you open editor to write Posts or Pages, you have to select the button with “Enjoy Plugin for Instagram” logo to open the customization interface [1](slide 4) and after you:

  • can customize settings how you desire by the customization interface [2](slide5)
  • decide to moderate or not the grid photos flow
  • decide to publish from your Instagram profile, by #hashtag or Favourite

– Also, in the customization interface, decide the particular grid settings you can (slide 6):

  • [1] Set how many photos display ( columns X rows)
  • [2] Set what happens when you click on the photos
  • [3] Customize Animation
  • [4] Customize Linghtbox Options
  • [5] Customize time to reload

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