How to use Instagram plugin on a Wordpress website

How to use Instagram plugin on a WordPress website

Start a blog, write beautiful articles and pour your thoughts on a little web space that you slowly want to cultivate.

But managing a blog is not just about the content, although that is the dominant element. You need plugins or add-ons that they will help you manage the white space available, make your blog attractive by embellishing it and by allowing all the players to jump from an article to the other … and, why not, to your social network!

Besides the classic icons of social share, the most effective visual impact is the visualization of the flow of news of your social on your website page. All this helps to connect the experience of social networks with your content, creating continuity and a kind of visual storytelling. Photos on Instagram are ideal to achieve this purpose and, if the feed shown is in line with our publishing schedule and with the idea of what we want to convey to the visitor of the blog, we will have a magnificent achievement.

Robert Cooper, in his site, uses the flow of Instagram to connect the quotes and the latest articles posted on the blog, loading the covers on Instagram and recreating a very effective 5-line column grid. The color of the images highlights the text and give a value added to the page, making it consistent with a minimal style.
The plugin used for the grid is Enjoy Instagram . To make it in the sidebar, select the “Widgets” from the WordPress section backend and insert the “plugin” in the column where you want it to appear.

The grid of Enjoy Instagram has also been chosen to tell in real time the Paris Fashion Week.
The homepage is always updated with the latest pictures coming from the fashion catwalks. In this case the margin left is the default one, which creates the effect of continuity between a picture and another. Next to it is the most recent Twitter posts. Double effectiveness, sharing with the reader to 360 °!
To insert an Instagram grid, just go on the panel by WordPress editor (1), click on the icon Enjoy Instagram and set your grid.
Place on your website the grid of Enjoy instagram and show us what effects and artistic combinations you could create to make your homepage (or any other page) an explosion of color!

Download Enjoy Instagram Premium to realize your personalized Instagram grid!<