How to change user profile to link a different Instagram account or more Instagram accounts?

How to manage more Instagram profiles in only one website with Enjoy Instagram plugin?

Enjoy Instagram Premium give you the chance to display pictures in the same website from different Instagram account or profile not only from different hashtags.
In the backend configuration of Enjoy Instagram plugin Settings > Enjoy Instagram > Users Tab you can see the button “Add new user”
after you clicked on “add New user”, you will visualize the next screenshot:
Now, you have only to click again on “Add New User” and to insert login and password of the new Instagram account so you will be redirect to this page:
more-profile-on-enjoy-instagram-pluginThe game is done!
Before you add the “new user”, you have only to pay attention if you are logged off from Instagram or not. If not, the process to add the new user will not be completed.