How To Increase Your Instagram Views

How To Increase Your Instagram Views

How many times have you participated in a party and not be able to get back all pictures of the evening? Some people make photo with a camera, some others with a cell phone or with tablet. How do you regroup them without having to contact one to one ?
Easy! Create an evening #hashtag ( es: #complboss2015) and ask all guests to use it on Instagram!

Then sign in to your WordPress blog, create an album and AUTOMATICALLY find yourself all the photos without having to spend time to contact every guest!

How can I do?

  1. Click here to find out more about Enjoy Instagram
  2. Install Enjoy Instagram Premium
  3. Create your own page of the event from back-office of WordPress
  4. Select the plugin and choose the “Album”
  5. Set the hashtag of evening

You can choice to:

  • Select the users / hashtags
  • Moderate them and decide whether or not to publish
  • Show likes count or caption, random angle, image delay
  • Set speed animation-in and speed animation-out
  • Style margin of every image

Save everything and you will be surprised to see appear all your photos on your page!

It is an attractive choice with focus on displaying quality images. It provides a beautiful user experience.
It allows having different image galleries for your posts and pages.

You can create unlimited number of galleries,  combine them into albums. 

Whosoever will review the pictures, you may do so with a simple click on the album preview, with a beautiful cascading effect will appear all the images! Users will love your photos and put a heart that will  be linked directly on Instagram!