How to increase views on blog: 3 Tools!

How to increase views on blog: 3 Tools!

When you are enthusiastic, you want to express your creativity and make known to the world your potential. How can you do? With a blog!

Whatever is the topic, the important thing is to be read by many people, to reach our target and expand our horizons. I have a blog, I wrote many articles but I’m getting a few views. How to increase views on blog?

Internet is large, an enormous network constantly expanding. Readers expect original contents and quality. Then you need to know the right tools! In the first place, promote your articles on social. Facebook and Twitter are fundamentals. Sign Up for LinkedIn groups and the community of GooglePlus.

Have you an Instagram account? Do you want to receive so many hearts? Read on and you will find what you are looking for!
Today we know 3 ways which are essential to receive views to your site!

  1. Instagram to know your photos to a large audience and interact in this big place with quality contents…quality photos! Remember to insert a link in the description of the photo to increase views on the blog
  2. StumbleUpon, a platform that allows you to submit your link and insert the rotation of the homepage screen. It is suggested for people that write in English and allows the user to insert the tag and a short description of the article or page that they want to signal.
  3. Scoop.it , a large container of post of any kind divided by topic. Anyone can create the topic and you can suggest your link to it. If you login with Twitter the suggestion will be accepted and retweet with a quote about you (e.g. : scoop on @mediabeta)

Have a look at Β these tools useful and your views will rise to the stars. You don’t forget to have a good plan of publication on your channels social. Good luck!