How to improve conversions for a WordPress E-commerce with an Instagram widget

How to improve conversions for a WordPress E-commerce with an Instagram widget

We would like to share an idea to improve your website’s conversions and revenues with social contents as your Instagram feed.

It’s well known that one of the most recurring dreams is to improve the number of Instagram followers and monetize them.

Another recurring dream is to boost the conversion and to sell a lot of products from an e-commerce.

How is it possible to improve your Instagram followers?  

– Create exclusive Instagram-only contents

  • You have to give a valid reason to follow you on Instagram too!

– Use Hashtags

  • Including relevant hashtags, you can significantly improve the reach of your posts. Hashtags should be related to the post content and/or your industry.

– Connect yourself with others on Instagram

  • Being active on others’ profiles (liking and commenting on their posts) or responding to comments on your posts, is one of the best ways to grow your audience.

– Follow more people on Instagram

  • Unless you’re a big brand, no one wants to follow you if you only follow 25 people. Start to be active and addictive, follow more people and become active!

– Post more on Instagram!

  • Try to post at least a few times for a week, ideally at least once for a day. More often you post, the larger variety of hashtags you use, the more you’re engaging with other Instagrammers, the faster your audience will grow.

But the “fil rouge” is to produce QUALITY CONTENT. Our followers want quality contents, quality pictures to share, to comment.

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How is it possible to improve the conversion of your website? 

This second point is strictly correlated to the first one and to the QUALITY CONTENTS, to the quality pictures.

You can improve the conversion of your e-commerce, for example, embedding on the products pages some quality pictures by your Instagram widget.

So your customers, in the same page, can:

  • visualize quality images of your products,
  • read informations about the products,
  • know “how much” these products are liked, re-shared by the other customers,
  • read the different comments, to known which is the opinion about them
  • to be informed about Testimonial opinions.

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Try to embed social contents with an Instagram widget on a WordPress website!

First of all, create a webpage for your product and put your Instagram feed using a shortcode.

A good and simple layout for your product webpage could be done with

  • an abstract in the top (a little description),
  • a carousel view to exhibit your product image by Instagram account. For example, you can display three images and allow to open it in Lightbox mode.

Immediately below, you can add

  • a description more accurated with more informations,
  • a photo gallery with grid view.

You can Embed an Instagram widget with the plugin “Enjoy Instagram feed Premium”.

An example of social contents to improve website’s conversions and revenues

– Abstract description product 

The Saucony Grid ISO is a moderate support daily trainer that offers a responsive underfoot ride and plenty of comfort. The shoe is a great option for training over any distance.

Carousel view of the product with Lightbox option activable onclick.

Therefore, your customers could appreciate the details about your product and know how the others customers like it via “social like”.


Full description product

A moderate level of support with enhanced cushioning and comfort , the Saucony Guide ISO provides you with everything you need to take on your daily road miles.

Featuring a responsive PWRFOAM midsole paired with an Everun topsole, the Guide ISO creates a springy underfoot sensation with plenty of shock absorption. For added stability the shoe offers a medial posting while a Tri-Flex outsole provides a flexible forefoot experience.

In order to create a seamless foot wrap with secure lockdown, the shoe now offers an ISOFIT upper. The soft mesh reduces hot spots and the snug midfoot wrap creates a stable and secure lockdown.

A fantastic daily training option for moderate overpronators, the Saucony Guide ISO delivers reliable stability and comfort on the roads.

blank Loading...

Grid view of the product with Instagram link option activable onclick.

As a result, when your customers click on one image, they are redirected to your Instagram account, in particular on the product on they are interested. This second interaction allows them to know the opinions about the products.


You can see a real execution of our example on the Instax official website. Here a screenshot to emphasize the social contents:


Make these two simple steps, you’ll give to your customers the opportunity to display everyday new images, to know the opinions of other customers and to interact between them.

More Reach, More Lead, More Conversion.