Instagram grid on website, a good solution to embed pictures

Instagram grid on website, a good solution to embed pictures

In this post we explain how you can optimize an Instagram Grid from your own Instagram profile. We also talk about how you can improve interactions with your followers embedding an Instagram Grid on a website.

First of all, we would like to present some different layouts and discuss which ones is better to use to build an Instagram Grid. After that, we are going to talk about the optimization of individual photos. We will end up presenting you some ways to embed an Instagram feed on your website and to manage it flexibly.

1. Pay Attention to the Layout of your Instagram Grid

In the article “How to manage your Instagram photo grid: some simple secrets” we have already talked about this topic. The overall appearance coming out from the use of an Instagram Grid is useful to:

  • narrate a story;
  • inspire and motivate your followers;
  • share the title of a new post of your blog;
  • communicate about everyday life.

In this post we want to discuss WHEN it’s better to use Checkerboard, rather than Horizontal or Vertical Layout.

Checkerboard layout looks very elegant and it’s easy to handle. The Checkerboard Instagram Grid can be built with quotes, 2 colors, two photo ideas mixed with proper backgrounds!

Checkerboard Instagram Grid is the layout you definitely need to choose if you want to improve interactions; ask your followers for their thoughts and opinions on a certain topic; invite your followers to join a conversation.
Comments are a vital source to realize if people are engaging with your content. They also improve your rank on Instagram algorithm.

There are so many ways you can easily match this layout with your brand style and use it to contribute achieving your business goals.

Checherboard Mediabeta for Instagram grid on website


We suggest to use Horizontal or Vertical Instagram Grid Layouts if you want to tell a story.
If you choose to use Horizontal Instagram Grid, you can tell your story through three consecutive posts. You don’t want your existing followers to get bored? Use each time a different subject.

You can use Vertical Instagram Grid to persuade your followers to scroll through your feed, so they can enjoy your creativity and your storytelling.

To get the best from these layouts, you simply need to select 3 styles of images and post them consecutively; as you post, you’ll see your ‘rows’ moving from left to right.

An example to embed Instagram grid

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2. Pay Attention to every single photo that compose your Instagram Grid

It’s important to pay attention to every single picture that is part of your Instagram Grid,  because they compose a “mosaic”.

Use of filters on an Instagram picture can improve the interaction with your followers. Using the “proper” filter, you can increase by the 21% your chances of being viewed by your customers, and to get the 45% more comments. (Georgia Tech and Yahoo Labs).

Instagram filters are used to:

  • Improve aesthetics of your Instagram pics
    One of the main reason to use filters is to enhance your photos, correcting brightness, saturation, contrast and focus.
  • Add vintage effects to your Instagram photos
    Sometimes producers use filters to give their photos a timeless effect, an artificial look that is effective (even if not real!). For instance, some of the interviewed in the above-mentioned research said that they like to make their photos black and white, because the presence of color is not necessary to the aesthetic of the photo.
  • Highlight objects
    Sometimes filters can help you to focus on a certain object present in the photo. This feature is very popular, especially if you want to focus the attention more on a person (for instance to highlight a particular emotion) and less on the background.
  • Make photos seem funny and unique.
    Going beyond post-production tips to improve the quality of your pictures, sometimes filters can help you to give an amusing and original look to your photos. Filters sometimes create effects that you cannot simply capture by camera.

In the image below you can see some of Instagram filters.

Instagram grid effects

Which is the best filter to improve the interaction with your Instagram community? Clarendon, Gingham or Moon?

  • Clarendon filter adds light to lighter areas and dark to darker areas of your pics. Colors stand out. In our opinion, this feature makes it perfect for sunset pictures. It brightens, highlights, and intensifies shadows for color that pops.
  • Gingham filter gives your images a vintage effect, taking some colors out of the photos. Gingham is an ideal Instagram filter for shooting selfie. This filter lets Instagram users evoke past times, creating a sense of sweet melancholy.
  • Moon is a black and white Instagram filter that makes shadows of your pics more intense. Think about it as a black and white version of Gingham. Moon filter gives its best with portraits.

According to the Georgia Tech and Yahoo Labs research, filters increasing saturation don’t create more engagement. Filters adding old-time effects result in fewer comments. Filters pushing on warm tones (such as red and yellow) can draw out feelings of empowerment and cheerfulness.

Relatable analyzed a sample of about 40 million posts. It highlighted that the 18% of all photos published on Instagram use a filter.

Looking at the filter popularity, Clarendon is the most picked up, with a percentage of the 25% of usage. It is followed really far by Juno filter, used in the 8% of the Instagram pics sample analyzed.

Our advice is to choose a filter, a color scheme or an editing process, and to stick to it consistently. You can still apply creative techniques mentioned above, but it’s definitely more important that your images are coherent with a particular style that make them look like part of a ‘family’.

Let’s keep it mind that the overall graphic effect of your entire gallery is more important than individual posts.

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3. Optimize your effort using Instagram Grid on your Website

Once you have put the right focus on how to post photos on your Instagram account, it’s useful to focus on how to make this grid more visible or how to integrate it into your overall communication, for instance on your website.

There are a lot of different ways to add an Instagram feed on your website, but the most popular involve embedding tools or plugins.


Adding an Instagram feed to your website can be as easy as using code directly from Instagram. You can embed your own content, as well as photos and videos from public profiles. Instagram’s developer tools help you doing it quickly.

  1. first step, visit Instagram post on the web (Go to the post URL if you have it, or search for the username you are interested in on Instagram.com, then reach the profile)
  2. second step, click the post to expand it. Click the more […] button and select “Embed”.


WordPress makes it even easier to embed Instagram content on your blog/website. All you have to do is to copy the Instagram URL of the media page and paste it on its own line in the WordPress editor.

Watch the video below for a quick overview of how it works.

But if you want to have more control, flexibility and customization, considerate to activate and use Enjoy Instagram Feed Plugin for WordPress. Basic version is offered for free, but you can have additional features with the Instagram feed Premium version.  This plugin has over 10.000 users on WordPress and allow you to:

  • Add on your website a single feed, or multiple feed.
  • Use a built-in shortcode option.
  • Use a Widget option.
  • More shortcodes in the same page or post, to display multiple Instagram feeds.
  • More shortcodes for different hashtags or profiles in the same page or post.
  • Display photos from Multi hashtags in the same feed.
  • Display Instagram feed from public Instagram profile.
  • Customize the margin/space between pictures of Instagram feed.
  • Instagram video visualization for browser supporting HTML5.
  • On click, pictures of different views can be redirected to Instagram page, to a particular website or opened in a Lightbox.
  • Lightbox displays Instagram pictures as a slideshow with media caption.
  • Show a responsive and mobile-ready Instagram feed.

Instagram grid

Adding an Instagram feed to your website is a great tactic to drive e-commerce transactions, create conversions and increase a company’s brand presence.

In the article How to improve a WordPress Ecommerce with an Instagram feed (Boost your website’s conversion!) is possible to see how Instax used Enjoy Instagram Plugin for WordPress to interact and convert their followers.
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