Embed Instagram feeds for Your Wedding, Event or Party websites

Embed Instagram feeds for Your Wedding, Event or Party websites

Do you want to embed instagram feed on your website? For Example with your Wedding, Event or party pictures?

You can do it with Enjoy Instagram, a wordpress plugin that collects live Instagram pictures with your brand or event hashtag. They appear moderated (or not) on your Instagram Wall as a grid, carousel, polaroid or album view.

In this kind, you display your Instagram Wall on your website and on a big screen at your event, all your visitors will enjoy the photo show and they will want to be part of it.

The Instagram Wall effectively increases interactivity and your brand engagement
In this picture you can see how we embed instagram feed for the hashtag #revolutionradiotour used for the Green Day tour:

How to embed Instagram feed

1. Choose any #hashtag you want to create the custom wall for your event.

general setting to embed instagram feed with moderation panel

2. Select from a variety of settings to customize your wall exactly how you want it.


3. Moderate, you have the option to either display the images as they come in, or add only the pictures approved

>When logged in, there is a setting on the backend page that give you the option to approve images with your hashtag  and to add them on your wall.

Furthemore you can change your hashtag whenever you want, you can have more Wall for different #hashtags or a Wall for two and more hashtags in the same time.

It’s very simple and quick. Is’n it?

When people see pictures on your photo wall, they will want to snap a photo as well. As a result, you can easily promote your event or brand with a Instagram Wall.

At your event or party, display your Instagram wall using any #hashtag you want, to have a new kind of interaction!