Embed an Instagram Grid: it’s not as difficult as you think

Embed an Instagram Grid: it’s not as difficult as you think
Embed you Instagram feed on your website. It's really useful and easier than what you think with Enjoy Instagram Plugin Premium.

We are overloaded by information of all kinds. It turns every day more difficult to remember what we read or see on Internet, unless we are really interested in something.

On the other side of the fence, it takes more than an effort to be stuck in our (potential) followers’ mind. Since attention is like gold, the first impression counts really a lot.

That’s why it’s important to invest a lot on visual contents and image-based social networks, like Instagram. That’s why it’s better to plan carefully your Instagram grid contents.

Are you doing a good job on Instagram? Good! Why don’t you embed your Instagram feed on your website? Why don’t you share your IG profile images in your blog posts?

If you want more than a basic widget on a sidebar and don’t mean to get mad with the loading and updating and selecting process of images, we have a solution: Enjoy Plugin for Instagram.

Enjoy Plugin works on WordPress websites and blogs. We are going to show you how easy it works with some examples.

Enjoy Plugin for Instagram, the solution to embed automatically your Instagram feed on WordPress

Enjoy Plugin for Instagram is a WordPress Instagram Premium Plugin that lets you embed and moderate an Instagram Grid feed by public profile or by hashtag on a WordPress website. It also uses shortcode method.

Benefits are:

  • different layouts (carousel, grid, polaroid, badge, album views);
  • many options and features for your embedded Instagram feed (our fav: auto-reload option, that updates automatically Instagram feed on a website);
  • use of moderation panel (it means you can decide which pics to publish and which to reject).

How do we use it? Let’s see it together!

Example 1: your Instagram contest on your WordPress website

You have organized and launched your Instagram contest to create more engagement and awareness among your followers.

After you have created a specific supercool hashtag related to it, you have announced the prize (or more than one prize: people are more likely to enter if they believe they have a true chance of winning).

Then you have given the instructions to apply (tag the profile; tag 3 of your friends; use the hashtag, etc) and to win (e.g.: most liked photo). Now you desire to keep people updated about the running of the contest, embedding it on the homepage of your WordPress website.

How can you avoid obscene or off-topic contents on the Instagram Grid published on your website?

In the beginning, you’ll probably choose to create a moderation for your Instagram contest hashtag in the Moderation Panel.

This is useful to prevent off-topic posts to appear on your brand website. Open Settings -> Enjoy Instagram -> Moderation Panel, scroll down and add a “New hashtag” in the section “Apply Moderation to a single hashtag”.

Since we are fond of stationery, we’ll use as an example the hashtag #mrwonderful.

Then, open WordPress editor in another tab. Push the Enjoy Instagram button and create the shortcode that will embed your Instagram Contest feed.

We choose an Instagram Grid Layout and embed Instagram feed by hashtag (#mrwonderful).

We choose to visualize Instagram feed with 6 columns and 1 rows. But we want this layout to be responsive for narrower screens (3 columns x 2 rows).

Since we want to focus our interest on engagement, when users will click each photo, it will open the image on Instagram and display the likes-count of the image and the author. We choose a Fade in Out animation and, to have always an updated Instagram feed, the auto-reload option.

There are not media published by you with the hashtag mrwonderful. Please choose a different hashtag or publish a picture with the hashtag chosen and try again.

What about the off-topic content? Let’s go back to Moderation Panel.  to the chosen hashtag, click “Moderate it” button. When you scroll down, you find your moderation panel and you can decide whether to approve or exclude an image. Easy, right?

Example 2: I want to embed all the photos shared on Instagram during my event

Imagine your brand has organized a wonderful party. You have launched a special Instagram hashtag for the event.

Many people attending have used it to share pics from the party on their Instagram profile. Now you want everybody to enjoy the pics of the party. Why don’t you create a cool Instagram feed on your WordPress website?

First, we choose Polaroid Layout to create a sense of immediacy. We decide to embed Instagram feed by the hashtag #sushiparty.

On the Enjoy Instagram shortcodes creator, we choose Polaroid View, with these options: show info on back Yes; Link Image to Instagram; Autoreload No; Border Width 2.

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