Discover The Secret To Great Storytelling for your Business

Discover The Secret To Great Storytelling for your Business

What’s “Storytelling”?

How to write the Great Story with the Storytelling for your company?

  1. Define the focal points of the story, from the birth to the present moment, of your company
  2. Develops a mini story and cut it into chapters.
  3. Identifies some effect phrases, keywords, and uses a persuasive writing. Let’s tell a story how an old minstrel, recall the reader’s attention.
  4. Be sincere, not exagerating anything.
  5. Assigns to each sentence an image to go to the Visual storytelling.

Why optimize the visual storytelling to let you know? Because the human brain in the first 3 seconds manages to capture the images that are more curious and interesting. If you have a great image the users will stop to scroll the page and read what you have to say.

He will also want to feel involved and then comment on, share, or just click “I like”.

You have no idea of the images to use? Take inspiration from the details around you! Your employees, the instruments that you use every day. The details make the difference. If all this is impossible you can use the tools to create cartoons or comics.

You don’t have any ideas? Don’t forget that Instagram is an invaluable source of examples. Uses a tools as Enjoy Instagram to integrate your Visual Storytelling on the blog or web site.