How to create your instagram style

How to create your instagram style

As with anything in marketing and branding, we need to have a “style” that defines our brand.

If we want to use Instagram for marketing, here’s some advice to develop and define our style on Instagram, because it’s important to convey our style through Instagram posts.


Photo style says a lot about the brand. Close-up, detail photos or full spectrum, broad range images, define our brand. Whatever way to photograph we choose , let’s make sure that it represents the nature of our brand. Look at what you currently use for print ads, marketing materials, and your website. Translate what you’ve already established as a brand “style” into your Instagram images.

Nutella, for example, has chosen to define its brand on Instagram by posting photographs and videos showing the product always on top and in a  very colorful and lively contexts.

Source: Nutella Instagram account @nutella


When we use the visual marketing, we have to think both our client and our product.

Get down low and close to the objects for your photos. Using even Nutella as an example when the customer thinks about it, think of joy and cheerful moments. And so the images show the product in the middle of colorful and funny scenes.

Source: Nutella Instagram account @nutella


The Instagram users love to play with shadows and light. Take images with the sun rays illuminating the product. Share photos of your employees in shadow. Take photos of your products at night, illuminated by bright lights.



Using Instagram it’s possible to quickly add filters to our images. There are filters that add a yellow or warm hue to the images and others add a blue or cool tone. Some filters add a vignette effect and others add a distressed effect. We can choose from 20 filters to modify our images, while maintaining a consistent style of the brand.

TrackMaven recently did a study on Instagram accounts to see how filters affected engagement and found that Mayfair, no filter and Inkwell drove the most interaction.

5. Videos

We can share videos created exclusively for Instagram or share previously created videos. And, even with the video as well as with the images, we can add filters and effects to further enhance our brand style.

Visual marketing is so powerful because it instantly conveys messages and emotions to the viewers.

This is why it is so important to establish and define our brand style on Instagram. Potential customers and existing customers will look to our images for inspiration and a relationship with our company. Make sure that the images, and videos, you share reflect what your brand represents. Consider to embed your Instagram feed in the best way.


And don’t forget that brands and people evolve though too. If we’re looking to rebrand or further develop our style, Instagram can help us do just that!