How to choose a Wordpress theme

How to choose a WordPress theme

The users observe and evaluate websites from different points of view, so it’s very important to give attention to every detail.

What kind of site do we want to do? Whatever it is, we must consider some important parameters.
Here are 5 useful criteria to be considered to choose the theme for a WordPress site.

1. The price: “expensive” does not always mean “good”
Generally, the rule “the more you spend, the less you spend” works, but isn’t always true with WordPress themes. There are expensive themes that, at the first resize of the browser window, disassembling.
Tip: Before you spend so much with the first seller of themes you find, browse the list of free themes from WordPress.org.

2. The date of publication of the themes and the last update
Do we want our site always aligned to the WordPress updates, as well as beautiful? Let’s look when it was published and, above all, the date of its latest update. Often, are sold themes for the current version of WordPress, but then are no longer updated. A nice theme updated for the last time 6 months ago, let it go and try something else.

3. The after purchase / download
If we install in our site plugin non-certified or “amateur”, it’s possible that the site become “vulnerable” to hackers. In this case, it’s important to have a service responsive and knowledgeable, able to follow us in case difficulties. Nothing as satisfying as an efficient customer care service!

4. The graphic and functional adaptability to different devices
Now you can go on the web using any device, so it’s critical to ensure that the content of a site fit the “container”.
Gone are the days when “sailed” by sitting in front of the home PC and next-generation devices have now conquered the market.
Before buying a WordPress theme make sure it’s adaptable to all devices currently in use: from desktop to smartphones.

5. The “optional”
Think about WordPress themes as something purely graphic is absurd, considering the number of features that are now playing. The most modern and structured issues offer a number of almost unlimited functionality. Every time we have to choose a theme, scroll down all the small and great opportunities that the theme offers, verifying operation.

And you, what do you think? what is your experience of this?