A WordPress Carousel View for multi hashtags Instagram feeds on your website

On the Instagram feed above, we are displaying an Instagram multiple hashtags Instagram feed.

We have configured our plugin with the hashtags #weloveitaly and #madeinitaly.

In particular the configuration is for a wordpress carousel :

– 5 images displayed at one time;

– when you click on an image the destination is lightbox effect;

– there are dots for the navigation on the carousel;

– lightbox options show likes count and author’s info;

– there is auto reload after a certain range of time.

Display your Instagram feed with moderated multiple hashtags.

MODERATION for 2 Hastags #weloveitaly and #madeinitaly, DOTS, LIGHTBOX

On the Instagram feed above, we are displaying a moderated multiple hashtags Instagram feed.

Thanks to Moderation Panel we have decided which pictures to publish with the hashtags #weloveitaly and #madeinitaly.

Using Icon Button in WordPress editor we have inserted the shortcode and configured it for these two moderated hashtags.

So you can spot the difference between not moderated Instagram feed and moderated one with multiple hashtags.

ENJOY PLUGIN FOR INSTAGRAM PREMIUM, The Best WordPress Plugin for Instagram


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Is it not amazing ? It’s great plugin to share your Instagram Feed with WordPress