Where Can I find shortcodes to display Instagram pictures on my wordpress blog?

Where Can I find shortcodes to display Instagram pictures on my WordPress blog?
shortcode to display instagram on wordpress

Shortcodes in WordPress are little bits of code that allow you to do various things with little effort and without writing any code directly. Thanks to the shortcodes you are able to embed files or create objects that would normally require a lot of code in just one single line.

For example, one of the questions that our customers write us usually is : Where and How Can I find shortcodes to display Instagram pictures on my wordpress blog?

We try to answer with a simple solution:  the presence of Enjoy Instagram icon on the editor once you have installed our plugin.
how to insert shortcode instagram on wordpress blog
when you click on this button you can choose to insert shortcode that displays pictures with carousel, grid, album, polaroid and badge view.

In Enjoy Instagram Free you can choose between carousel or grid shortcode:
and the shortcodes produced are
carousel shortocode for Enjoy instagram pluginfor carousel view

grid shortcode for Enjoy instagram pluginfor grid view

If you want more customizations you need Enjoy Instagram Premium that it has a most power panel like this on image

where you can insert shortcodes also for Polaroid view, Album view and Badge view and customize, in the settings section, a lot of parameters that you visualize also in the shortcode that you make.

For carousel view some of them are:

  • the number of pictures to show with carousel (for example): enjoyinstagram_carousel_items_number
  • the button for the navigation forward or reward: enjoyinstagram_carousel_navigation
  • the number of pictures to show at resolution of 1024px: enjoyinstagram_carousel_1024px
  • the use of autoplay: enjoyinstagram_carousel_autoplay
  • the use of timeout: enjoyinstagram_carousel_timeout
  • the kind of animation: enjoyinstagram_carousel_animatein
  • the use of moderation: enjoyinstagram_carousel_moderate

shortcode to insert more customizations with Enjoy Instagram premium
Now, install our plugin Enjoy Instagram in free or Premium version and Enjoy to insert your Instagram pictures and customize their view!