Some other Ideas to grow your Instagram audience quickly

Some other Ideas to grow your Instagram audience quickly

Opening an Instagram account for your business, like any activity on social media, can take a while to grow a large audience.

Here are some tips that could be useful to grow your Instagram audience quickly.


If no one knows you’re there, how are they going to follow you?

  • Let customers know that you’re on Instagram
  • Tell to your followers on other social media that you are also on Instagram and give them the link to your profile.
  • Add your Instagram URL in your email signature
  • Add your Instagram handle on flyers and business cards
  • Enter the link to your Instagram account in your e-newsletter.


Exclusive content is important to growing your Instagram followers. If your fans and customers are already following you on other social network, you have to give them a valid reason to follow you on Instagram too!

  • Share exclusive photos of events or products on Instagram only.
  • Share a photo on your other social media accounts and say they can view the rest of the photos on Instagram but  remember to give them the link 😉 !
  • Don’t automatically link your Facebook or Twitter accounts to share every Instagram post.
  • Share exclusive discounts or promotions strictly to Instagram followers. Once people know that you offer these promotions, you can be sure your followers will increase.


Including relevant hashtags you can significantly improve the reach of your posts. Hashtags should be related to the post content and/or your industry.

If you want to know which hashtags are the most popular, you can search Google (or any other search engine) for the most popular hashtags on Instagram. The important thing is not to use hashtags just because they’re popular! If your post is of a new dish in your restaurant, don’t use #cat or #beyonce…

If you want to know more about hashtags and how to use them, read “How to Use Hashtags on Instagram” 


Being active on others’ profiles (liking and commenting on their posts) or responding to comments on your posts, is one of the best ways to grow your audience.

Find new people to follow in your industry and start engaging with them. When they begin to recognize you and your profile, they will often follow you back and “return the favor” with likes and comments.

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And, when people comment on your posts, make sure you @mention them in your answer so that they receive a notification and see what you wrote.


Unless you’re a big brand, no one wants to follow you if you only follow 25 people. Start to be active and addictive, follow more people and become active!

If you’re looking for great people to follow, try following people that your followers follow. From the Instagram notifications page, go to the “Following” tab; you will see all the posts that the followers are engaging.

You will probably find that you have similar interests and like many of the posts and people that those you’re following like. By clicking on posts you can switch to these other users’ profiles, scroll through and follow anyone of interest.

As already mentioned, Instagram is reciprocal and if you like and engage with people, they will often like you back.
Advice, try to follow people you have a genuine interest in.


Instagram is no different from other social networks, so even an Instagram account, if neglected, will remain idle!
Try to post at least a few times a week, ideally at least once a day. The more often you post, the larger variety of hashtags you use, the more you’re engaging with other Instagramers, the faster your audience will grow.

The purchase of Instagram followers will not help you in the long run. These fake or bad followers can hinder your opportunity for growth and hurt your chances of reaching the popular page.
It’s important to focus on cultivating a great community around the followers you have.

The more you focus and connect with your existing followers, the more your audience will grow naturally.