5 reasons why you should include an Instagram widget on your website

5 reasons why you should include an Instagram widget on your website

Instagram widget, a must for your WordPress website

If Instagram is a key channel to your business or your product has strong visual appeal, but you are not including an Instagram widget on your website

you are missing out a huge opportunity for your business to grow.

This guide will give you 5 reasons why you should start now.

1. Increase followers of your IG account adding an Instagram widget

It is common practice for business Instagram accounts to include their website in the bio, to channel part of their audience to their website. Therefore, most of the Instagram followers have an opportunity to be directed to the website, but none of the website visitors are proposed to follow the business on Instagram.

This is a missed growth opportunity. This is free audience that you would otherwise have to buy back with paid advertising.

Instagram is an ideal channel to retarget one time visitors of your website, through feed and stories. Cross-sharing can be improved by including an Instagram feed widget to your website.

Instagram feed positive loop

Cross-sharing is a quick source of growth. Your website will gain traffic from visitors retargeted via social media, your Instagram will increase the follower base. Followers get followers. These growth hacks are key to boost your presence online.

How can I direct visitors to my socials?

Including a Instagram widget on your sidebar is way more effective than the common social buttons at the bottom page. Be different, catch your visitor attention with something that stands out the crowd!

Check our guide on how to add Instagram to WordPress website with Enjoy plugin for Instagram on WordPress.

example social buttons footer

Social button footer example


Badge View Social Feed example


2. An Instagram widget to update website content frequently

You keep your socials up to date, posting often and refreshing your feed look but what about your website?

Also your website visitors need some novelty to stay engaged, with the same frequency that you use to update your socials. So, how often should you update your website content? It is adviced to do so, one to three times a week.

Linking your website and socials with a social feed is the quickest way to keep your website looking fresh.

Which layout should I choose to revive my website look?

Instagram Grid is the layout that you are looking for if you want to make your site more visual and appealing.
You can also opt for an Instagram Carousel to add some dynamism and eye-catching interactions on your homepage.
The WordPress plugin Enjoy for Social feed, a free and basic version of Enjoy plugin for Instagram Premium, makes both layouts available. Test it out on your website in less than 5 minutes.

Instagram Grid View

3. Sell more through Instagram

Consumers are constantly bombed with advertising and people trying to sell them something that most likely they don’t even need. That’s why every good salesman will do his/her best to not sound like one, but rather being perceived an informator or a consultant.

And your website should do the same.

Instagram is perceived as an informative way to display your products, without the explicit intent to sell something straight away. Imagine being at the mall and a pair of jeans catch your attention. You wouldn’t like if the waiteress forcefully demanded whether you intend to buy them or not, without giving you space to try the fit or even check them out closely. E-commerces are often the online analogy of this, with their shiny prices and flash sales.

You want your customers to have a pleasant experience on your website, displaying your product in an visual layout and prompting the process to purchase only when the customer expressed his interest by clicking on the image. Leave some piece of mind to your users, it will pay back!

How do I manage my e-commerce using an Instagram Widget?

You can control over which page to redirect the click on each of the photos of your Instagram posts. You can transform your feed into an e-commerce without being perceived as too much of an aggressive seller from users.
Website visitors, which signaled their interests for an object by clicking on one of your picture, can be linked directly to an Add To Cart page with the details of your product.

This shoppable strategy is an effective trick to manage an e-commerce through a layout like Instagram, that users are already familiar with.

Shoppable feed

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4. Build connections adding testimonials to your website

Even businesses whose products are not extremely visuals and appealing for Instagram can find creative ways to make their presence on socials a driving source of traffic for their business. Ask your testimonials to be featured on your Instagram feed with a short review. It helps visitors of your page to build a connection with testimonials when a picture is included.

Can I create an Instagram feed on my website starting from an hashtag?

Enjoy for social feed, and its premium add-on  Enjoy plugin for Instagram feed, makes possible it selecting a public hashtag as source for the pictures that will compose your social feed. Launching an hashtag to collect testimonials is a trendy and engaging campaigns that many of the biggest brands are implementing in the recent years.

Just choose a catchy hashtag and test it out with Enjoy plugin for Instagram.

Testimonial Feed


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5. Transfer good vibes sharing photos of your events

This is something most business website get wrong. They want to get a fresh and vibrant vibe connected to their brand but they don’t transfer their efforts from socials into their website. Your homepage is where your visitors get a first impression of your business: which personality would they attribute with the current look?

Here is how you can improve it.

Whenever you have a physical event with your employees, customers or stakeholders of your business (and we bet you do have at least a party or gathering once a year) invite them to post their best pictures with a dedicated hashtag. Hashtags are a quick way to collect and manage your events across different profiles.

Can I choose what to display from public hashtags?

Enjoy plugin for Instagram feed provides a Moderation Panel that lets you flag pictures with a one by one level of control. This is an exclusive feature of the add-on premium that makes it suitable to manage your corporate events with hashtag-based feed on your website. Collect all the pictures through your event dedicated hashtag and then decide which ones you want to display on your feed. Album layout could be the visualization you want to opt for if you have multiple events.

Moderation panel


And you? What is the main reason why you decided to include an Instagram widget on your website?
Reach out and let us know how you are using our WordPress Enjoy plugin for Instagram!

You can try also a free Instagram feed widget https://wordpress.org/plugins/enjoy-instagram-instagram-responsive-images-gallery-and-carousel/


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